Fall Fanfare - It's a Great Musical Harvest

Fall Fanfare makes for a Great Musical Harvest! Fans are listening from nearby in Delaware and as far away as the Middle East!

My songs made fans in new locations as like Nevada and Kuwait.

I get excited to to

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Dual Continental Fans

Fans are listening in from North America and Asia!

My songs made new fans in locations as far away as Philippines and as close as Pennsylvania. 

Thank you to West Virginia fan - you are filling in my map!  It

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Fans Spanning the Globe!

My Songs were enjoyed by Fans Spanning the Globe! My Music made new fans in locations as far away as Australia and as close as Louisiana.

Thank you to my fans all around the world. My music gets to travel,

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Mostly Northern Exposure Fans

Fans Came in from a Mostly Northern Exposure, yet Tennessee Heroically Stakes a Claim to my Music!  

Thank you to all my fans in the USA, Canada and around the world. Your appreciation makes this journey worthwhile and fun!


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Cultivating Country Fans All Over the Place

Sun's high, weather's hot and rain is pouring down.

Like a good summer growing season, my songs are cultivating Country fans all over the place!

Thanks for the appreciation from everyone in the USA to new fans in Ireland and

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Fans are Kickin It Up!

With the recent excitement of the World Cup,

I had to say that my Music Fans are also "Kickin' It Up"

Thanks so much for thrills and many plays of my songs from Maine to Brazil and all over the

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Firecracker Fans - Celebrating with Music

In honor of Independence Day Celebrations in the United States, I'm calling you all my Firecracker Fans!

Thanks so much for adding sparks and fun to my music from as close as Ohio and as far away as Korea.


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