Fans and More Fans from Santa

Santa came to town and brought me "Fans and More Fans!!"

My Christmas surprise was so many fans that it took two maps to show them. Thank you so much for listening and liking all my songs this week. I

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Fan Make the Best Gifts!

In the spirit of the holidays, I have to say

that "Fans Make the Best Gifts!"

Wow! Seeing the long list of names is an early present from Santa for me. I'm feeling truly blessed this holiday season. So whether

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A Hearty Bounty of Fans

Giving Thanks for A Hearty Bounty of Fans!

In the USA, we just celebrated the Thanksgiving Holiday with family and friends.  It's a great time for me to share my thanks with all the fans that have made this musical

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National Attention from Fans

Getting some National Attention from Fans!

Thank you to all my new fans, especially those far away like Julie in Japan and Cheikh in Senegal!

Still working on getting fans in Antarctica, every state and country around the world,

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My Best Friend - Live Concert @ The Grand

My Best Friend - Video of Live Concert @ The Grand

I'm sharing a video from my concert on September 10th at The Grand in Wilmington, DE.  Here is my original song "My Best Friend" that I was inspired by…

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Country-Loving Fans from the Americas Rule!

Country-Loving Fans from the Americas Rule!

Thank you to all my new fans, especially Carl from Guyana who added South America to my fan map!

It feels wonderful to know that my songs are reaching people around the world and

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Ensphered by Fans!

Ensphered by Fans from three Continents!

Welcome new fans from Serbia and Japan. You are filling up my map of joy!

I hope you'll play and share my music wherever you go. 


Special Thanks going to my new fans:


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Afloat with Fans!

It's Smooth Sailing for Country Music as I'm Afloat with Fans!

All my new fans come from States or countries that are near the Great Lakes or Oceans.

My fans are a wonderful gift to cherish today on my birthday. 

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Southern-Central Fans Rule!

Southern-Central Fan Rule!

Thanks to all my internet fans everywhere and for all the wonderful fans who came to see me play live at the Grand last Wednesday. 

It was wonderful to hear the applause and see you dancing too!

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