Ringing in 2016 with New US & Global Fans

Ringing in 2016 with New US & Global Fans

Just as we celebrate the arrival of a brand new year, I'm excited to discover more new fans from the USA and around the world for my songs, with my most recent release "That Place I Call My Home," leading the way.   

I welcomed fans from new locations as close as South Dakatoa and as well as Netherlands, Sinapore, Uzbekistan and Saudi Arabia. Thank you for including my songs in your celebrations.   


Special Thanks going to my new fans:

Kenneth Wilson from USA, brad.zoe123 from Saudi Arabia, hyoung5207 from Ohio, Ashley Roney from Tennessee, Stephanie Lyons from Canada, jp from Guatemala, rickipiedra from Texas for “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”

ngurumaish91 from United Kingdom, yaroslavlajdr from Russian Federation, nickey from USA, Shimi Luzon from Israel, drw10471 Wanderman North Carolina, Jonathan Charron from Canada for “My Brothers and Me”

Elena Sazonova from Russian Federation, stanislavfeho from Russian Federation, roten_tiffany from USA, jenni28 Lac from Canada, Marisol Salamanca from Netherlands, dubois.mindy from Arizona, Justin Szczepanski from Korea, Charles Yu from Hong Kong, www.whisperdawnsmom from USA for “If I Could Die a Hero”

Ignaciogil.15 from Mexico, Aldo García from Mexico, James from USA, weicrum from India, alexch1030 from South Carolina, rhunt1971 from Indiana, jen84_13 from Kuwait, Alysa Gooding from Trinidad, iamdakota00 from USA, sasha_rox3 from Thailand for “Brother How I Miss You”

gogostyler from Egypt, richyrich44 from USA, Sandie Caissie Linton from Canada, Jayson Lockridge from Texas, pansmith1957 from USA, xyee1 from Indiana, Daniel Leath from USA for “My Best Friend”

Tiam Murithi from Kenya, pictureperfect from Utah, matt3521991 from USA, dcgood51 from USA, tamlubezky from Mexico, ericatexas87 from USA for “Hold Me Close While We Dance”

geronimo10 from California, Teemonster94 from South Carolina, jkmcgee07 from USA, brynt_rmd from New Jersey, Darknightseeker7 from Maine, Eldor Ibragimov from Uzbekistan, Weston Bynog from Louisiana, jizza52girl from USAfor “This Is Our Great Country”

heismysaviour6 from Texas, amanda0075 from Iowa, richardhandley1021 from California, kviatr from Mexico, mjlosani2 from New York, Abadass from Indiana, Carlos Andres Avalos Amrtinot from Peru, Bishara Andonie from Mexico, mikaylromero711 fromIdahofor “I’ll Follow His Light”

michellrene1967 from USA, shivelyse from Indiana, Badettezky Apatas from Philippines for “Couch Talkin”

sgtgreen50 from Maryland, Benjamin Stamper from Louisiana, archerbug from Tennessee, vmsbhw from Pennsylvania, lorettagiomundo2323 from USA, chicklets66 from Massachusetts, Kasen Keller from South Dakota for “GPS Directions to My Heart” 

pavelmik95e from Russian Federation, bchill1 from USA, Stav Librowski from Israel, Alison Bolakis from Australia, susanhagen73 from Minnesota, darcyjohnson69 from Canada, Brent Morton from USA, randomperson10120 from Kentucky, kenblount78 from California, pbelbin from Canada for “Cunning, Baffling, Powerful”

greg Chapman from Australia, Robert.Lenz1992 from USA, joanne namit from Singapore, hundeadsoilder1234 from California, cmayon82 from USA, outdoorstore from Canada, Beth Karabel from Texas, maddisoncook from Alabama, trcknbubba917 from Ohio, sopraffino from Japan, Faith Angel from USA for “That Place I Call My Home”



"That Place I Call My Home," my recent release, was the top fan favorite this time, followed closely by "Cunning, Baffling, Powerful" and "Brother How I Miss You."  During the holidays, we long for home, our loved ones and ways that we can be better than we've been. I hope my songs help you cope with all the complicated emotions that come up during the holidays. Wishing a better, brighter 2016 for all my listeners.

Remember, that you can listen to my music any time on Jango Internet RadioGoogle Play or SoundCloud.  The songs are also available on CDbaby, Amazon, iTunes and Rhapsody. My music can also be found on Spotify. Check out your favorites and thank you for sharing them.              


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