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Previous events

Singer/Songwriter Night

World Cafe Live at The Queen, 500 N Market Street, Wilmington, Delaware

Great News! I will be playing the Singer/Songwriter Night at World Cafe Live at The Queen Wednesday on December 16, 2015 from 7-10pm. Come and hear me play the new release live and enjoy the whole show. Bring all your friends, too. Let's honor our service personnel together. Looking forward to seeing you there.  

FREE Concert by Brian L. Wells

Bellefonte Cafe, 804 Brandywine Blvd, Wilmington, Delaware

Free Concert by Brian L. Wells

Fabulous news from Brian L Wells:  Singer/ Songwriter - Live Performance at the Bellefonte Cafe   

I am happy to announce an upcoming show in Wilmington, Delaware on Saturday July 11 at the Bellefonte Cafe  (804 Brandywine Blvd, Wilmington, DE 19809). The concert is FREE to get in. Just show up and buy some dinner and/ or drinks, relax and listen to my show which starts at 8:00 pm. I will be playing all my original music plus a few cover songs mixed in. Join me for as I play for the show!      



Cross-Continental Fans 

My Songs Reaching Cross-Continental Fans 

Check out the fan map to see how far my songs have reached fans! Thanks to internet radio, people everywhere can listen in. This time I found new fans on THREE continents!

I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to like my songs and wish me well. New countries, Ghana and Sudan have listeners who became fans. It's fun to see where you all are!


Special Thanks going to my new fans: 

jucarroll from Sturt, Australia, allieanderson1103 from USA for

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Nearby & Far-Reaching Fabulous Fans 

Enjoying Nearby Far-Reaching Fabulous Fans 

It's always fabulous to see new fans enjoying my music. My songs are connecting people as near as USA and Canada and far-reaching as India.

Whether it's a spark of romance or reassurance that life will be better, it great to see that our experiences can be so similar. Thank you for becoming fans of my music.

Special Thanks going to my new fans: 

Nishmeeta Shetty from India, cfelicello from Port Jervis, NY, Greg Currence from Farmerville, LA, jessie.ja from…

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A Festival of Worldwide Fans 

Celebrating with A Festival of Worldwide Fans 

Many of us are preparing for the holidays in December, especially Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. Music is a part of the celebrations. Whether you are enjoying holiday songs or your favorite music, I hope you will take time to share these songs with your family and friends. 

My music fans keep growing around the world. This time I've added fans in Bosnia and Romania to my fans in the US and around the world. During this season of gratitude, I'm thankful to…

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Fans Rounding the Globe 

Fans Rounding the Globe  

Everyone around the world is enjoying the Summer Olympics in Rio. We may each have our own favorite sports or athletes, but we come together to watch and cheer.

Just like the sports that unite us, music can bring people together in a common bond. It makes me happy to see that my songs are reaching fans round the globe. I'm glad that my lyrics and music have special meaning to people I haven't even met. Thank you for listening and sharing my music. 

Special Thanks going to my

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Memorable US & Global Fans 

Memorable US and Global Fans  

In the US today we remember and honor those who served our country and fought for the freedom we enjoy. Thanks to these men and women heroes, I can freely follow my dreams and create songs like "This Is Our Great Country," and share my music worldwide. Thanks to all of you who serve, the families that sacrifice time with loved ones and everyone who shows their respect today and always. 

I welcomed fans from around the world and added two new countries, Ecuador and Italy to

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Springing Up Worldwide Fans 

Springing Up Worldwide Fans   

I've been enjoying the change in weather and sharing my music with some of my new dance music fans who often request my songs to dance with their friends. All of this brings me joy! 

I welcomed fans from around the world and a new country, Bahrain added the map of my listeners. It is so amazing to know that my music has brought comfort and smiles to people in so many states and countries. Thank you for listening and sharing my music. 


Special Thanks going

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Ringing in 2016 with New US & Global Fans 

Ringing in 2016 with New US & Global Fans

Just as we celebrate the arrival of a brand new year, I'm excited to discover more new fans from the USA and around the world for my songs, with my most recent release "That Place I Call My Home," leading the way.   

I welcomed fans from new locations as close as South Dakatoa and as well as Netherlands, Sinapore, Uzbekistan and Saudi Arabia. Thank you for including my songs in your celebrations.   


Special Thanks going to my new fans:


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That Place I Call My Home - Video from LIVE concert @ World Cafe Live / The Queen 

That Place I Call My Home - Video of Live Concert for

Wilmo Wednesdays @ World Cafe Live at The Queen

I'm sharing a video of my new release song "That Place I Call My Home" that I played live with excellent guitarist, Shaun Dougherty on December 16th at The Queen in Wilmington DE.  This was the first audience to hear me perform the new song live! Thanks for the applause! 

This song was one I dedicated to service men and women who serve our country all over the world and to their families who often have…

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NEW Release - "That Place I Call My Home" 

Just in time for the holidays! I am thrilled to announce that my brand new song "That Place I Call My Home" is now available!

This new release is dedicated to our men and women in armed forces who often miss being home for the holidays with family and friends. It tells a story about the longing to be home, yet knowing that they are needed to serve. Wishing every family that is missing a soldier and every soldier missing family that we know about your sacrifice and honor you for it. 

You can find all of…

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New Release in Time for the Holidays - "That Place I Call My Home" 

NEW RELEASE - "That Place I Call My Home" - Coming Soon!

I am very excited to be releasing my new Christmas song "That Place I Call My Home." The song is dedicated to all of our brave service personnel who will spend this holiday season away from home. They'll be on call protecting our freedom in this beautiful country America. With this song, know that we honor your loyalty to America even when your service keeps you far away from home. God Bless You!

Look for the song to be release by the end on…

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