What Phenomenal Fans!  Thank you all for enjoying my songs!  

"GPS Directions to My Heart" is picking up new fans in Missouri, north in Canada

and as far south as South Africa.  The song was recently awarded 1st Place in the Country category by the Alabama Music Publishing International.

Hope you heard my music on the internet at the Pirate Zone on Zone Radio in South Africa. 

Thank you for listening and liking my songs. Please keep sharing my songs with your friends!

It's great to know which of my songs are encouraging you to become fans.


Special Thanks going to my new fans:

Suztee from South Africa, Thanatos from Missouri and Shawn from Canada for  "GPS Directions to My Heart"

Rylee from Minnesota, Bob from Maryland, Rowlette from the USA and Caleb from Oklahoma for “Brother How I Miss You”

Alisha from Ohio for  "Hold Me Close While We Dance"

ksommerfield from Phoenix, AZ for "This Is Our Great Country"


"Brother How I Miss You" and "I’ll Follow His Light" are the most appreciated by my fans. We have all suffered and need to know it's going to be okay.  Other songs like "Couch Talkin'" and "This Is Our Great Country" are well liked and remind us what's important - love and freedom.

My brand new single: "GPS Directions to My Heart" picked some more fans this week too, which makes me feel wonderful.  I'd like to think that you are getting a second chance for love. Let me know if you do.


You can listen to my music any time on Jango Internet RadioGoogle Play or SoundCloud.  The song is also available on CDbaby, Amazon, iTunes and Rhapsody.

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