Fans are Filling Up the Blue Skies!

Here in the North East US, we just celebrated Easter and Passover under blue skies and joined with our family and friends to watch children having fun gathering eggs. 

I've gathered up new fans from USA, Canada, Japan and Korea. Thank you for enjoying my original songs.  Please keep liking, loving and sharing my music with family, friends and everyone. 

Check out my new song, Cunning, Baffling, Powerful - it's reaching the world and making new fans too. 


Special Thanks going to my new fans:

Nick Lopez from California for “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” 

kolton from Texas for “If I Could Die a Hero”

roseumm from California, marissadiane27 from New York for “Brother How I Miss You”

Brandon Corum from Korea, jennacrager96 from Alabama, rdhdgrl4u2 from Florida for “This Is Our Great Country”

taylor7113 from Missouri, Brittani Biller from USA, jengriffieth from Virginia, LeeAnn Santos from California, gators-fan from Japan, sean.smith from USA, Emmy Archdale from USA, Tina Thompson from Georgia, Dale Harrison from Ohio for “I’ll Follow His Light”

Venessa Sylvestre from Canada, promise from Ohio for “GPS Directions to My Heart”

Kate-Lynn Shediac from Canada for “Cunning, Baffling, Powerful”


This time "I'll Follow His Light" was the fan favorite and "This is Our Great Country" also did well with fans. Looks like the Spring holidays remind us to put the Lord first and to see the blessings of freedom and homeland.

Remember, that you can listen to my music any time on Jango Internet RadioGoogle Play or SoundCloud.  The songs are also available on CDbaby, Amazon, iTunes and Rhapsody. Most recently, my music has been added to Spotify too. Check out your favorites.

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