Fans & Fireworks - More than a Grand!

In the USA, we celebrated the start of this great country with parades and firecrackers. I'm celebrating too because I have more than a 1,000 online radio fans! Special appreciation goes out to Mexico to P E Zuñiga Delc who was fan Number 1000.  He heard "Couch Talkin'" and became my fan.

I have fans from all around the world and this time I welcomed fans from new locations as near as South Dakota and as far away as Nicaragua and Tunisia. Thank you all for being part of my musical journey.



Special Thanks going to my new fans:

smitty_katlyn from Washington, DC, jersummer16 from Canada, marleneolfert from Belize, Lea Gomez from California, Daniele Bonfim from Brazil, Giselle Madera-Rodriguez from USA for “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” 

Jennifer Merpaw from Canada, Daren Lecrone from USA, mrrotrepair from Pennsylvania, Karla Weinbrenner from North Carolina, Nicole Ennis from Canada, abbywilliams27 from California for “My Brothers and Me”

Jason Groomes from Washington, mburrows0524 from USA, islandq1973 from Arizona, jas1266 from California, lishiers84 from USA, tylerwolfe85 from Montana for “If I Could Die a Hero”

kristinowens from New York, nathibault from USA, shoebug54 from West Virginia, Gabriel Pena from Ohio, Debbie Hatch from USA, Amine Temani from Tunisia, papajohns2718 from Kansas for “Brother How I Miss You”

Boladale Kolade from Nigeria, mini587 from Taiwan, jayz_2212 from Philippines, rcrcarrera7 from USA, markjesskoningisor from New York, sam.sovis from USA for “My Best Friend”

Jennifer White from USA, ramirezqatar from USA, Jacy Bourne from New Jersey, Matthew Kantrovich from Texas, Tony Boff from USA, joshua.file from Wisconsin, yuki.loke0116ew from Japan, Maya Yanagawa from Japan for “Hold Me Close While We Dance”

rickscamera.sound from Delaware, zachary.davis from USA, cameronyeager03 from Ohio, Jody Stencel-Schlim from South Dakota, clarylorner from Sweden, Allison Timmons Florida, alyssamerritt7 from USA, poy.corinna from Germany, haileylm0813 from California, stephdanny42 from USA, Lynn Ann Westcott from Michigan, Tammy Foust from Tennessee for “This Is Our Great Country”

bzimmer1992 from USA, idekaemail from South Carolina, Gracie Stewart from Canada, leonore.lucia.koehler from Germany, Wian de Lange from South Africa, andrea.garcia23 from USA, migueldrexel from Mexico for “I’ll Follow His Light”

Sam AL-shaibany from Jordan, Stephaniey Keller from Missouri, erwinjimlegend from Georgia, P E Zuñiga Delc from Mexico, John QSchielein from USA, Roma Manfredini from Chile, philo.jadin from Wisconsin for “Couch Talkin”

danielnm975 from Illinois, grantvehlewald52 from Illinois, nami.112990 from Japan, ellym54 from New York, ms.brinson2007 from Alabama for “GPS Directions to My Heart”

bodefo from Canada, coleh08 from USA, joselucar from Mexico, brookebowman.1996 from Pennsylvania, Rebekah Kuemin from USA, Bert Miner Jr. from Florida, flagite from Nicaragua, DanieL CruZ from Mexico for “Cunning, Baffling, Powerful”




"This Is Our Great Country" was the top fan favorite and "Hold Me Close While We Dance" tied for second favorite with my new song, "Cunning, Baffling, Powerful". Summertime favorites tell me that we're thinking about events like July 4th in the USA and our patriot spirit, being near those we hold dear, and fighting to change those behaviors we least like about ourselves.   I hope you'll keep tuning in and sharing my songs with your friends and family. 

Remember, that you can listen to my music any time on Jango Internet RadioGoogle Play or SoundCloud.  The songs are also available on CDbaby, Amazon, iTunes and Rhapsody. Most recently, my music has been added to Spotify too. Check out your favorites.               


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